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Important Date

Call for Paper opens: March 23rd, 2009
Abstract Submission Due: June 15th, 2009
Notification of Acceptance Due: July 31st, 2009

Attendance Confirmation Due: August 14th, 2009
Presentation Material Due: September 11th, 2009

Accepted List

Title Author
Soil Erosion of Spatiotemporal Distribution Pattern and Factor Analysis on Teh-Chi Reservoir watershed under Human-Environment Interactions (1946-2008) Yan-Ting Liau
Spatial Accessibility to Healthcare Service and Health Outcome for People with Disability Hsin Chung Liao
Enhancing the “P” in Participatory-GIS projects to improve social and human capitals: The use of FOSS4G tools in community-based resource management Marc Elgin Delgado
Evaluating PPGIS in community development by actor-network Bor-Wen Tsai
Development and Evaluation of a Map Annotation System Using a Digital Pen - An Example of a Distributional Survey of a Local Shopping Area - Masatoshi Ishikawa
A Humanistic Creative Service Development for Demodulating, Encoding Heritage and Surfing to the Future Chung-Ming Huang
Spatial-temporal analysis of population changes based on geo visualization Jing Cui
Modeling Asian urban dynamics: Impacts of economic globalization on the emergence of desakota regions in Taipei metropolitan area Bing Sheng Wu
Exploring the spatially varying effects of neighborhood trust and health care system distrust on self-rated health among the elderly: A geographically weighted regression approach Tse-Chuan Yang
Origin Distribution Visualization of Floating Population and Determinants Analysis: A Case study of Yiwu City Li Hongsheng
A study of Taipei City public high school district Hsueh-Cheng Chou
Potential Analysis of the Population Density Distribution in Southeast Asia Michihisa Umekawa
Spatial and Temporal Transit of Obesity Epidemic in Taiwan 2001 – 2005: A multilevel spatial model Duan-Rung Chen
Vulnerability of Norwegian municipalities to natural hazards Ivar Svare Holand
Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis for Identifying Digitalization Factors to Farmers’ Associations in Taiwan Chien-Tso Chen
A Space-Time GIS for Studying Individual-based Human Activities and Interactions Shih-Lung Shaw
Tools for spatio-temporal data analysis and dynamic visualization in a web-based GIS María José García-Rodríguez
Integration of spatio-temporal traits in GIS trough TimeML Willington Siabato
Normalization and quantification of indefinite temporal expressions with a view to integration in a spatio-temporal GIS M. Guerrero-Nieto
Narrative Geospatial Knowledge about Taiwanese Aboriginal Settlements: A Case Study Tyng-Ruey Chuang
Promoting Community Tourism via Online Geo-Platform – A Web2.0 Marketing Probe in Taiwan Chong-Wey Lin
A future for GIS in archaeology: the integration of theory and analysis. Gary Lock
GIS and landscape archaeology: the South Cadbury Environs Project Gary Lock
Estimating Accessibility to Natural Resources Using a New Energy-based Travel-Cost Model: An Archaeological Case Study of Jomon Net-fishing in Eastern Japan Yasuhisa Kondo
Digital Time-Travels: Communicating Historical GIS-and TGIS-information in museum environments Per Stenborg
The Historical Images and Humanism Maps of Eastern Taiwan Shyang-Woei Lin
Spatial analysis of Western medical services in Republican Beijing: A Historical GIS Approach Peiyao Zhang
Towards a Historical GIS of Europe: State-building processes and comparative spatial statistics in a “Digital Atlas on the History of Europe since 1500” Andreas Kunz
GIS applications and WebMapService for the “Monies, Markets, and Finance in China and East Asia 1600-1900”-Project Stefan Dieball
Integration of Contemporary Science & Technology and Culture Beliefs - with Mazu Patrols and Pilgrimages for Example Tien-Yin Chou
Disease and Environment: Implications of Clonorchiasis Infection in Taiwan and Mainland China Ts’ui-jung Liu
Mapping the Development of Urban Industries Hank, C.C. Huang
Using GIS Network Analysis to Evaluate Spatial Accessibility and Equality of Green Space in Kunming, China Xiaolu ZHOU
Chang’an in the Western Han and Tang dynasties: Spatial analysis of a multi-layered urban site Timothy Baker, Jr.
A Grid-Based Multi-layer and Multi-Class Dasymetric Model for Reconstructing spatial Population Distribution. Mei-Chun Lin
Metadata Visualization: Available tools and analysis from user´s point of view Diana Ivonne Benavides
Spatio-temporal Model for Presenting and Analyzing Humanities Research Resources Masatoshi KUBO
The Construction of the Digital Gazetteer and the Topographical Maps Database based on Humanities GIS Ikuo OKETANI
Tools to realize spatiotemporal analysis in the humanities Tatsuki Sekino
Humanities GIS in Japan : Current Status, Models and Tools Shoichiro HARA
An application of graphic visualization of texts to Simón Ruiz’s business correspondence Teresa Iturrioz
Community-based Trail Monitoring Scheme- A Case Study of Shih-pan Trail in Lin-mei Dau-Jye Lu
Application of Geographic Weighted Regression to establish average rainfall-altitude functions reflecting spatial variation Ling-Fang Chang




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All accepted papers will be included in the Conference Proceeding. After peer-reviewing, some of them will be published by the International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing.



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