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Thursday, December 3rd, 2009 at 11:13


  System Infrastructure 
            Data Structure 
               ○Metadata for Spatial Objects 
               ○Data Standard for Spatial Objects 
               ○Metadata Mechanism for Contents 
               ○Spatial-Temporal Data Model 
            Java-based Web Mapping  
            Web-based Collaboration 
            Spatial & Temporal Infrastructure
            Content Management Framework
            Collection of Geospatial Materials 
    ◎Core Technology
            Metadata for Spatial Objects 
            Contents Standards Analysis and Management
            Spatial Computing
            3D GIS
            Information Retrieval & Search
            Multilingual Support
            Spatial Analysis & Statistics 
            System Integration 
     ◎User Interface Design
            Select a geographic region; 
            Specify a collection name (e.g., a place name)
            Give metadata attribute values or value ranges