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1   Link   Institute GIS and Disaster Prevention Technology, Ching Yun University
Established and recruitment began in 2004, to follow the trend of the information age and also the government policy of promoting disaster-prevention.
2   Link   Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research, National Central University
Established on 1st of July, 1984, the center's main purpose is to instruct and research on space and remote sensing, and also developing and applying remote sensing technologies.
3   Link   Global Change Research Center, National Taiwan University
Formally established in August, 1992, NTU is concerned with the international and domestic trend of global changes.
4   Link   Geographic Information Research Center
Since the purchase of a graphics workstation in 1981, the department of Geography has been using computers to manage maps and geographic information. After introducing the first GIS software to Taiwain, this center was established to set a strong basis for geographic information sciences.
5   Link   Aerospace Science and Technology Research Center, National Cheng Kung University
Established in June, 1993, the center was established for the development of national aerospace industries.
6   Link   Satellite Geoinformatics Research Center, National Cheng Kung University
Established in August, 1996, the center is a sub-unit of the research center of NCKU.
7   Link   GIS Center of Funjia University
Founded in August, 1995, as the first Ministry of Education approved GIS research center.
8   Link   Digital Earth Research Center
The center integrated the university's interdisciplinary human resources and facilities to create a high quality hardware environment and management database for digital earth studies.
9   Link   Disaster Prevention Center, National Cheng Kung University
Established in 1996, by the Department of Hydraulics, the center is a sub-unit of the main research center of the university, and is also an important domestic organization for disaster prevention.
10   Link   National Space Organization
Established in October, 1991. The organization is the executive unit of Taiwan's space programs. It aims to become a competitive resource in the market of international space and applied industries.
11   Link   Information Center, Ministry of the Interior
12   Link   Comparative Study of Taiwan and China Societies
The content of this website contains international cross-disciplinary research results of multiple universities. Members include a team each from France, the US, Hong Kong, and two teams from Taiwan. It is a platform for information exchange.