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RSS Subscription

What is RSS
Some Websites offer RSS service to allow users to subscribe through an RSS reader or browser. RSS (Really Simple Indication) is a xml-based format through which when subscribed, updates of contents can be immediately obtained.

What is OPM

OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) packs up all RSS into a subsription list, allowing a convenient subscription to all RSS service rather than by one by one clicking.


How to subscribe?

1. Install RSS reader, such as RSS ReaderSharpReaderRSS Bandit...; or Firefox (browser)

2. Copy RSS link and paste link to RSS reader.


Subscribe through Outlook
1.Importing RSS summary
Go to 'Account Setting' under 'Tools', select 'New' under 'RSS Feeds'. Enter URL for the RSS feed, then click 'Add' then 'OK'.


2. Importing OPML
Choose 'Import and Export' under 'File', then select 'Import RSS Feeds from OPML'. Choose between (*.opml and *.xml), then select the RSS Feeds to which you wish to subscribe.


Subscribe through iPad
Various RSS reader Apps are available for iPads: Reeder for iPad、Perfect RSS Reader、Feeddler Pro、River of News、Pulse、MobileRSS、Highly Visual APP, etc...

Subscribe through iGoogle
Click on 'Add Gadget' on iGoogle homepage. Then click on 'Add feed or gadget'. Enter URL for RSS feed, then click 'Add'. The RSS feed will then appear on your iGoogle Front Page.


*Research Center for GIS (opml
Events  Speeches  Seminars 

*Technical Development (opml )
GPSApplication Google Map/Earth Quantum GIS 300°VR GIS in the Cloud

*Thematic Studies (opml )
Local Society Health GIS Archaeological GIS Humanities GIS Cultural Resources GIS Modern China and Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs

*Digital Archive (opml )
Maps and Remote Sensing Imagery Oversea Map Resources Taiwan Canals


*The above feeds may be in Chinese and do not have English translations.