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Cultural Resources Geographic Information System


Cultural Resources Geographic Information System (CRGIS) takes geographical space as its core concept and incorporates Geographic Information System to compile tangible and intangible cultural resources and their spaces and attribute data. With various types of images, including historical maps, contemporary images (like Google satellite images) etc., the system offers a wholesome information platform which encompasses all forms of cultural resources, such as temples, historic sites, historic buildings, old trees, folk religious activities, etc, and allowing functions such as adding, editing, organizing, and data retrieving, in the form of image displays.


As of May, 2010, the database contains information on the following (numbers are approximate):

  • 11000 temples
  • 700 historic sites
  • 3400 old trees

Information on temples mainly come from records of the Ministry of the Interior and local cultural and historical workers (Kaohsiung) and field work. List of historic sites and buildings is provided by the Bureau of Cultural Heritage; list of old trees provided by the Endemic Species Institute of the Council of Agriculture. Comments and feedback to help us expand the content of the system are welcome.

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