The Wartime Period

After 1941, the Wang Jingwei government’s Customs Service was headed by Kishimoto Hirokichi (岸本廣吉) and the Chongqing government’s was headed by C. H. B. Joly (周驪), Maze (he went back to Chongqing in 1943 for his pension and then left for the UK immediately), Ting Kwei-tang, and Lester Knox Little (李度1892-1981, 5th IG 1943-1950). Kishimoto joined the CMCS in 1905 and held the post of Chief Secretary (the number two post) for over ten years before 1941. From 1941-1945 Kishimoto endeavoured to help his Japanese and Chinese colleagues to survive through the war but the Japanese Military forced him to appoint some army and naval officers CMCS Commissioners. During Kishimoto’s reign, Kishimoto found it very difficult to balance the Wang Government and the Japanese Military, but he managed to keep the Wang Customs Service intact and protect his Chinese staff from the moral investigations carried out by the Nationalist Government after the War.

In Chongqing, the Inspectorate was in a very difficult situation because Maze was not prepared to establish a shadow Inspectorate in Chongqing before the Pacific War. Chongqing Customs Commissioner C. H. B. Joly was appointed Officiating IG but his staff, facilities or budget was too little to run the Customs Service. Fortunately, more and more Chinese staff members fled from Shanghai to Chongqing so the Chongqing Customs Service became competent in mid-1943. The last foreign IG, L. K. Little, arrived in Chongqing in May 1943 and started to establish this wartime Customs Service. Ting Kwei-tang was appointed Deputy IG and this alliance between the American IG and Chinese DIG maintained until the 1949.

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