Security Policy

Welcome to Center for GIS, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica. For a secure usage of our services and information, please read the following information on our security policy:


The security policy below encompasses how to protect the information of this website. It is only applicable to websites of the center, and is not applicable to any other external links. Please consult their respective security policies.

Protection of Information Security

To protect the information on this website and ensure a 24-hour service, the following are implemented:

1. Firewall is installed to block unauthorized illegal intrusion and attack, which ensures website data security and completeness, providing a safe and proper online service.

2. Anti-virus systems installed and regulated scans ensure a safe browsing environment.

3. Irregular drills for information and communication safety, simulating hacking incidents or other security breaches, for familiarization of standard procedures to optimize recovery time should such events actually take place.

4. Automatically accept all email notifications sent by providers of operating systems or applications to ensure an automatic recovery or renew modified programs as soon as possible to fortify its defense and minimize any chances of being attacked.

Amending the Security Policy

Security Policy for the website may be modified to accommodate technological development trends, amendments in relevant laws and regulations, or other environmental changes for full implementation of user information security protection. Please do not hesitate to view the latest version.

Should any questions arise concerning our Security Policy, please feel free to contact us.