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Privacy Policy


The protection of the privacy of our online visitors is a top priority. To help you understand how personal information is collected, applied, and protected, we have devised a privacy policy as shown below. Please read through the following in order to understand the policies and principles under which our website and extended services operate when personal information is collected, applied, and protected.


The following statement applies to activities within this website (gis.rchss.sinica.edu.tw domain) that involve the collection, application, and protection of any kind of personally identifiable information, and does not apply to any activities performed outside this domain. We accept no responsibility for any consequences of actions occurring on external websites governed by their own privacy policies.

How personal information is collected:

The following are methods of how user personal information are obtained:

1. Browsing

The server automatically creates a record (LOG) for each visit or query. This information includes the IP address of the device, browser used to visit, navigated content, selected data, etc. The site will also mark browsers of individual visits and summarize user browsers on our intranet. Any corresponding personal information to these records cannot be made unless we are willingly provided with the information.

2. Online registration

In the case of registration for academic activities, we may ask for current and authentic information such as your name, institute, position, contact details, including phone number, email, and address.

3. Others

Should you choose to contact us or provide us with feedback through email or other channels, we may keep communication and processing records.


Cookies are used to store and sometimes track user information. Cookies are transmitted from the website to the browser and stored in the user’s hard drive. Cookie preferences can be configured in most website browsers and may include options such as accepting all cookies, indicate when a cookie is sent, or refuse all cookies. If you refuse all cookies, some customized services or activities may not be available or accessible. The main purpose of cookies for this website is as follows:

1. Provide better and more personalized service by modifying records after visiting a website.

2. Enables visitor statistics and browsing analysis to help improve the website.

3. During special activities, cookies may be used throughout the entire process to track user participation and other related data.

How we use the collected information

We use the information collected only for the following purposes:

1. Names, email addresses and other personal information collected by the website can be used only for the purpose of registration for events and post-event analysis.

2. We will record and analyze visitor counts, interests, and behaviors according to user registrations, surveys, activities participated or server logs. This data will be an analysis of the entire visitor body rather than individual users. The website will not sell, lease, or exchange any information obtained here to a third party.

3. It is our obligation to protect user privacy and personal information. Without your consent, Any personal data or file may not be modified, deleted, or provided without user’s prior consent. Unless with consents or if user complies with the following:

A. Legal right to access the information endowed by R.O.C.’s judicial enforcement and investigation agencies.

B. Violation of website regulation and cause of threat.

C. Consideration of ameliorating extended services of government websites.

D. Protection of legal right to usage of other users.

Information Security

Internet data transmission security may not be 100% safe. Despite our obligation to protect user information, user environment also plays a significant role. We cannot ensure or guarantee safety of transmission or acceptance of data. Please be aware of the risk of data transmission.

Amending privacy and security policy

We reserve the right to amend the policy to comply with the latest regulations for privacy protection. Minor emendations will not be notified.