Team Members of the Center

Name Position Description of Job
Tel. Note
Ts'ui-jung Liu Academian & Distinguished Research Fellow
02-27899401 Joint (Institute of Taiwan History)
I-Chun Fan Research Fellow, Executive Director
Chin-Chuan Cheng Academian, Correspondence Researcher
02-26523179 Joint (Institute of Linguistics)
Wen-Shan Yang Research Fellow
02-26525117 Joint (Institute of Sociology)
Ji-Ping Lin Associate Research Fellow
02-27898139 Joint (Department of Sociology, NCCU)
Bor-wen Tsai Associate Research Fellow(Professor)
02-33665838 Joint (Department of Geography, NTU)
Tyng-Ruey Chuang Associate Research Fellow
02-27883799 Ext.1613 Joint (Institute of Information Science)
Tzong-Han Tsai Associate Research Fellow(Professor)
03-4227151 Ext.35203 Joint (NCUCSIE)
Ta-Chien Chan Associate Research Fellow
02-27857108 Ext.312
Chun-Hao Li Assistant Research Fellow(Associate Professor)
03-4638800 Ext.2152 Joint (YZUSPS)
Chauo-Ling Kuo Assistant Research Fellow
02-27857108 Ext.311 Joint (Department of Geography, NTU)
Hsiung-Ming Liao Assistant Research Specialist
02-27857108 Ext.313
Pi-Ling Pai Postdoctoral Fellow Digital Archive, Historical GIS, Spatio-temporal Analysis
02-27857108 Ext.103
Wen Rong Su Project Manager Technical Support
02-27857108 Ext.115
Jr Jie Jang Project Manager Technical Development & Cultural GIS
02-27857108 Ext.117
Yu-Ting Lee Project Manager Data Management & Content Studies
02-27857108 Ext.111
Cheng-Hsiung Chiang Project Manager Technical Development & Aerial Photo
02-27857108 Ext.114
Yi-Fan Peng Project Manager Technical development
02-27857108 Ext.121
Yu-Lin Huang Project Manager Management and analysis database of Taiwan Historical Demography
Chun-Yuan Teng Project Manager
02-27857108 Ext.112
Yun-Shu Chang Project Planner
06-2085404 Remote Sensing
Yi-Ling Chiu Project Planner Database Construction, Department of Irrigation and Engineering Project
02-27857108 Ext.110 Remote Sensing
Tzu-Yu Lin Project Planner
02-27857108 Ext.101 Health Cloud
Jia-Xin Hou Project Planner
02-27857108 Ext.105 Health Cloud
Yun-Ting Yen Project Planner
02-27857108 Ext.109 Health Cloud
Chia-Yu Chang Research Assistant

1. Registry data from Japanese Colonial Period
2. Registry management
3. Mapping of research areas
4. Website management (Chinese, English, Japanese

Hsiu-Lian Wang Research Assistant

1. Registry data from Japanese Colonial Period
2. Compile registry data.
3. Property management

Lu-hua Wang Research Assistant Content Studies
02-27857108 Ext.113 Scripta Sinica Project
Jheng-Hong Lai Research Assistant Digital Cultural, OpenGIS, Semantics Analysis
02-27857108 Ext.119
Jung-Yi Tsai Research Assistant
02-27857108 Ext.122
Han-Chuan Chou Research Assistant OpenGIS, Semantics Analysis
02-27857108 Ext.123 M.O.S.T.
Chen-Kuan Chen Research Assistant Administration & Digitization
02-27857108 Ext.130 Remote Sensing
Hsin-hsien Liao Research Assistant
02-27857108 Ext.107 NSC
Wan-Ting Su Research Assistant
02-27857108 Ext.129
Hsien-Chu Chen Administrative Assistant Administration & Digitization
02-27857108 Ext.128
Collaborating Members
Name Position 業務項目
Tel. Note
Ying-Fa Hong Postdoctoral Fellow

Joint (Institute of Taiwan History)
Chihyun Chang Research Fellow Historical Studies

Department of History, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Yung Chung Chuang Assistant Professor

Urban Planning and GIS, Fengjia University
Zengsiu Lim Assistant Professor

Ling-Fang Chang Assistant Research Fellow
03-4521314 Ext.114 Agricultural Engineering Research Center


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