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Team Members of the Center


Name Position Description of Job
Tel. Note
Ts'ui-jung Liu Academian & Distinguished Research Fellow
02-27899401 Joint (Institute of Taiwan History)
I-Chun Fan Research Fellow, Executive Director
Chin-Chuan Cheng Academian, Correspondence Researcher
02-26523179 Joint (Institute of Linguistics)
Wen-Shan Yang Research Fellow
02-26525117 Joint (Institute of Sociology)
Bor-wen Tsai Research Fellow(Professor)
02-33665838 Joint (Department of Geography, NTU)
Ji-Ping Lin Associate Research Fellow
02-27898139 Joint (Department of Sociology, NCCU)
Tyng-Ruey Chuang Associate Research Fellow
02-27883799 Ext.1613 Joint (Institute of Information Science)
Tzong-Han Tsai Associate Research Fellow(Professor)
03-4227151 Ext.35203 Joint (NCUCSIE)
Ta-Chien Chan Research Fellow
02-27857108 Ext.312
Chun-Hao Li Assistant Research Fellow(Associate Professor)
03-4638800 Ext.2152 Joint (YZUSPS)
Chauo-Ling Kuo Assistant Research Fellow
02-27857108 Ext.311 Joint (Department of Geography, NTU)
Hsiung-Ming Liao Assistant Research Specialist
02-27857108 Ext.313
Pi-Ling Pai Postdoctoral Fellow Digital Archive, Historical GIS, Spatio-temporal Analysis
02-27857108 Ext.103
Wen Rong Su Project Manager Technical Support
02-27857108 Ext.115
Yu-Ting Lee Project Manager Data Management & Content Studies
02-27857108 Ext.111
Cheng-Hsiung Chiang Project Manager Technical Development & Aerial Photo
02-27857108 Ext.114
Yi-Fan Peng Project Manager Technical development
02-27857108 Ext.121
Yu-Lin Huang Project Manager Management and analysis database of Taiwan Historical Demography
Yun-Shu Chang Project Planner
06-2085404 Remote Sensing
Yi-Ling Chiu Project Planner Database Construction, Department of Irrigation and Engineering Project
02-27857108 Ext.110 Remote Sensing
Chia-Yu Chang Research Assistant

1. Registry data from Japanese Colonial Period
2. Registry management
3. Mapping of research areas
4. Website management (Chinese, English, Japanese

Hsiu-Lian Wang Research Assistant

1. Registry data from Japanese Colonial Period
2. Compile registry data.
3. Property management

Lu-hua Wang Research Assistant Content Studies
02-27857108 Ext.113 Scripta Sinica Project
Jheng-Hong Lai Research Assistant Digital Cultural, OpenGIS, Semantics Analysis
02-27857108 Ext.119
Jung-Yi Tsai Research Assistant
02-27857108 Ext.122
Han-Chuan Chou Research Assistant OpenGIS, Semantics Analysis
02-27857108 Ext.123 M.O.S.T.
Chen-Kuan Chen Research Assistant Administration & Digitization
02-27857108 Ext.130 Remote Sensing
Hsin-hsien Liao Research Assistant
02-27857108 Ext.107 NSC
Wan-Ting Su Research Assistant
02-27857108 Ext.129
Hsien-Chu Chen Administrative Assistant Administration & Digitization
02-27857108 Ext.128
Collaborating Members
Name Position 業務項目
Tel. Note
Yung Chung Chuang Associate Professor
04-24517250 Ext.3371 Urban Planning and GIS, Fengjia University
Chun-lin Kuo Associate Professor 03-8635215 Department of Taiwan and Regional Studies,Dong Hwa University
Chung Hsin Li Associate Professor 03-8635215 Graduate Institute of History,National Changhua University
Zengsiu Lim Associate Professor
089-517868 Ext.5311 Department of Public and Culture Affairs,National Taitung University
Ling-Fang Chang Assistant Research Fellow
03-4521314 Ext.114 Agricultural Engineering Research Center
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