Chinese Civilization in Time and Space (CCTS)


  • Database of historical maps of China used as spatio-temporal structural basis.
  • Dr. Tan's Historical Atlas of China is used as reference text, providing accurate spatial information over the past 2000 years.


  • Encompasses 2000 years of maps of China displayed through WebGIS. Users can integrate content navigation and mapping simply through a web browser.
  • Has a distributed infrastructure that allows the integration of all kinds of spatial and temporal information on the Internet.
  • Designed to include scalability, integration, and security.
  • Now integrated with several other systems, such as the Scripta Sinica (漢籍電子文獻系統), Qing Dynasty Grain Prices Database, etc, and will continue to integrate various relative information systems and research results in hopes of becoming the database that accurately provides spatial and temporal data for Sinological researches.

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