Project Team

Professor I-Chun Fan, BA (NCKU)  MA(NTNU)  PhD(Stanford)
Project Director/Senior Fellow in Economic History

Director of Center of Geographic Information Science (click here), also Research Fellow of Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica (click here).

Professor Takeshi Hamashita, BA (Tokyo) MA (Tokyo) PhD (Tokyo)
Professor of Economic History, Sun Yat-sen University, PRC (click here)

Professor Robert Bickers, BA(UCL) PhD(SOAS)
Professor of History, University of Bristol (click here).

Director of the British Inter-Univeristy China Centre and Director of the History of the Chinese Maritime Customs Project.

Professor Hans van de Ven, BA (Leiden), MA (Harvard), PhD (Harvard)
Professor of Modern Chinese History, University of Cambridge (click here)

Dr Chih-Yun Chang, BA(Tunghai)  MA(Leeds)  MA(Leeds) PhD(Bristol)
Project Manager/Junior Fellow in Modern Sino-British History.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow of Institute of Modern History (click here), also  Honorary Research Associate of University of Bristol (click here).

Dr Henk Vynckier, BA(Antwerp)  PhD(Urbana-Champaign)
Senior Fellow in European Literature and Philology.

Associate Professor and Chairperson of Foreign Language and Literature Department,

Dr Marlon Zhu, BA(NTU)  MA(NTU) PhD (SUNY-Binghamton)

Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Taiwan History, Academia Sinica (click here).

Ms Hsin-I Chien, BA(Tunghai)   MA(Liverpool)
Project Secretary/Research Associate in European Literature and Philology.

Resarch Associate in the Center for Geographic Information Science, Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (click here).

Mr Yen-po Hou, BA(NCCU)  MA(CCU)
Research Assistant

PhD student at National Cheng-Chi University.

Mr Shih-ning Li, BA(Tunghwa)
Part-time Research Assistant

Master student at National Cheng-Chi University.