The Directorate General of Customs

The Directorate General of Customs of the ROC is the successor of the Inspectorate General of Customs. In 1991 the Taiwanese government changed the name of the Inspectorate as which was created in the mid nineteenth century. Hence, the Inspectorate, which existed 137 years, was changed to the Directorate and the Inspector-General was changed to the Director-General.

The name of Director-General might remind us of the official title of the head of Guanwushu (Direcotrate of Customs Administration) and cause confusions. This issue was, however, solved in 1981 as the Guanwhushu was reorganised to Guanzhengsi (Department of Customs Adaministration) and the Guanzhengsi became no longer the superintending unit of the Inspectorate.

The historical materials at the speicall collection room of the Directorate library were brought from the Shanghai Inspectorate in 1949 and moved from the Tamsui and Takow Customs stations. The materials consist of seven major categories:
1) Postal Circulars and Notes (Click here);
2) Inspectorate Secretarys’ Notes and Memorandums
(Cheif Secretary Click here)
(Statistical Secretary Click here)
(Financial Secretary Click here)
(Preventive Secretary Click here);
3) Marine Department (Click here);
4) L. K. Little’s Correspondence (Click here);
5) Service List (Click here);
6) Chungking Inspectorate Series (CIS) Circulars and Cheif Secretary Notes (Click here);
7) Canton Inspectorate Telegrams, Tai-tiens, Despatches, etc. (Click here); and
8) Customs Publications (Click here)

The GIS centre has already digitised all the above materials and is organising them. The above materials eventually will be uploaded to this website.