China and the West

‘China and the West: The Maritime Customs Service Archive from the Second Historical Archives of China, Nanjing’ is a set of primary materials in relation to the Chinese Maritime Customs Service from 1854-1949. The primary materials were selected by Professor Robert Bickers, University of Bristol, and Professor Han van de Ven, University of Cambridge, in 2004 and made in 372-reel microfilms by Thomson & Gale .

‘China and the West’ consists of seven units, namely
1) Inspector General’s Circulars from 1864-1949;
2) London Office Archives;
3) Semi-Official Correspondence at the Shanghai, Hankow, Harbin and Swatow Customs stations from 1900-1949;
4) The Policing of Trade (Superintendents, River Police, IG confidential correspondence with Guanwushu, Preventive Service), ;
5) The Policing of Trade (Native Customs, Smuggling reports, Opium and Narcotics, Central Inspection Bureau); and
6 & 7) The Sino-Japanese War and its Aftermath, 1931-1949 (Outbreak of the war, Wartime Consumption Tax, Chongqing Inspectorate, Customs leadership in wartime and revolution, Planning for peace and resuming functions in Post-War China). 

For the full table of contents and the call numbers of the 372 reels at the Library of the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica (click here).