I. Statistical Series

Among the seven series, the most important series is the first series, which contains numerous statistical data of all trading ports of China from 1859-1948, concerning international trade, inter-port trade, population in each port, etc.  The first series consists of nine numbers of publications, namely
No. 1 Shanghai Customs Daily Returns,
No. 2 Quarterly Trade Returns (click here),
No. 3 Annual Returns of Trade (click here),
No. 4 Annual Reports on Trade (click here),
No. 5 Chinese Version of ‘Returns of Trade’ and ‘Reports of Trade’,
No. 6 Decennial Reports (click here),
No. 7 Native Customs Trade Returns (click here),
No. 8 Monthly Returns of the Foreign Trade of China, and
No. 9 Shanghai Monthly Returns of Foreign Trade.

In 1970, the Institue of Modern History, Academia Sinica,  selected a part of the nine sets of materials and the Microreproduction Service, Harvard University Library, made these materials into 111 reels of microfilms. These 111 reels of microfilms become the invaluable set of primary materials to research the economic history of modern China as the original paper copies are hard to locate now.

For the complete table of contents and call numbers of the 111 reels at the Library of Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica (click here).