V. Office Series

No. 4: Chinkiang: China Navigation Company’s Hulk “Cadiz” (1877) (click here)

No. 7: Reports of the Commissioners of Customs on Questions Connected with Tariff Revision, 1865-1872 (1872) (click here)

No. 8: Reports of the Commissioners of Customs on the Practice at each Port in the matter of Privileges Conceded and Facilitation of Business Generally, 1869 (1872) (click here)

No. 12: Reports on the Haiwkan Banking System and Local Currency at the Treaty Ports (1879) (click here)

No. 27: Reports on Smuggling at Canton: Commissioners’ Deapatches, Etc., 1871-1885 (1888) (click here)

No. 44: Customs Service: Officers in Charge, 1859-1921, Fourth Issue (1926). (click here)

No. 71: Yochow: Custom House Opened; Land and Municipal Regulations; Hunan Trade Notes; Inland Waters Steam Navigation Local Rules (1909) (click here)

No. 85: Report on Working Amoy Native Customs (1906) (click here)

No. 88: Working of Likin Collctorates: Kiukiang, Soochow, and Hangchow (1907) (click here)

No. 129: Chang Yung-nian, Report on Trade Conditions along the Great Wall between Shanhaikwan and Kalgan (1935) (click here)

No. 130: Chinese Maritime Customs Service: Staff Organisation and Control (1936). (click here).