Chinese Customs Publications

The Chinese Customs Publications were published by the Printing Office and the Return’s Department from 1859-1873 and by the Statistical Department from 1873-1948. Although the Inspectorate General of Customs was in Peking until 1929, the Office, Department and the the Secretary were all in Shanghai.

The Chinese Customs Publications consisted of seven series, namely
(1) Statistical Series (Click here).
(2) Special Series (Click here).
(3) Miscellaneous Series (Click here).
(4) Service Series (Click here).
(5) Office Series (Click here).
(6) Inspectorate Series (Click here).
(7) Customs Publications Not Included in Any of the Foregoing Series (Click here).

There is no archive or library which is in possession of all the above publications but Harvard,  the School of Oriental and African Studies in the UK, the Second Historical Archive of China, and the Directorate General of Customs in Taiwan have a wide range of these publication. We are working on the reconstruction of the full collection but it seems that the completion of this task is still unexpected.

For the 1940 list of Chinese Customs Publications (click here).