The Program of ANGIS Taipei Meeting 2015

Venue : 2F Conference Room, Research Building, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

Conference Handbook

Program : 12/412/512/6

Friday, December 4th



10:00-10:30Welcome and Introduction

Keynote Speech 1:Prof. Takeshi Hamashita

Structure and Transformation of Local Market in Lower Yangtze River Delta: The Case of Zhenjiang 1868-1881

13:00-15:00 Session A:History of Urban and Regional Development in Asia

Marco Stefan B. Lagman, Ma. Simeona M. Martinez, Jonathan M. Villasper, and Dominique Sasha N. Amorsolo - Moving to Manila: A Spatial and Demographic Study of Bulacan-based Migrants in Selected Manila Districts during the late 1800s

Ma. Simeona M, Martinez, Marco Stefan B. Lagman, Jonathan M. Villasper, and Dominique Sasha N. Amorsolo - A Historical Geography of Work in Nineteenth Century Manila

Pi-Ling Pai - Effects of Flood Control Strategies on Settlements and Regional Development in the Lower Yellow River Area in Ming‐Qing China: A Case Study of Kaifeng Prefecture

Yung-Chung Chuang - The changing history of farm ponds and landscape change in Taoyuan tableland, Taiwan (1904-2007)

15:00-15:20Coffee and Tea Break
15:20-17:30 Session B:The Analysis and Modeling of Spatial-Temporal Information

Gang Chen, Yang Zhang - Mapping the Geographical Landscape of Nanjing City in the late Qing - Based on Old Maps and GIS Technologies

Hirotsugu Fujita - Reconstruction Support with the Technique of GIS and Utilizing Old Maps Remaining in the Disaster Area of the 2011 Eastern Japan Mega-Earthquake

Ick-Hoi Kim, Raymond Jinliang Huang, Yi-Chen Wang, Chen-Chieh Feng, and David Taylor - Developing Geoportals and Applications for Singapore Historical GIS

Johnson Leu - Home Town Reminiscence: Eliciting Oral History through Artistic Reconstruction of Past Space Based on Topographical GIS Data

17:30-18:00Annual General Meeting
Saturday, December 5th



09:00-09:20Opening Ceremony
09:20-09:30Group Photos

Keynote Speech 2:Prof. Tsukasa Mizushima

Who Takes Leadership and What Role does ANGIS Play in Emerging Global History

10:10-10:30Coffee and Tea Break
10:30-12:30 Session C:Historical Population, Migration, Social Change

Yusuke Koizumi - Migration and Its Impact in Riau Province, Indonesia: An Analysis of Population Census Data and Topographical Maps

Chun-Hao Li - Regional Variation of Uxorilocal Marriage in Japanese Taiwan

Weidong Lu - Two decades of HGIS: Basic Data and Cross-over Research

Ritwika Mukherjee, Amaresh Dubey - Spatio-temporal Landscape of Juvenile Sex Ratio in India: A Relational Analysis of Social Groups

13:40-15:40 Session D:The GIS Infrastructure and Platform for Historical Study

Tatsuki Sekino - Time Information System on the Web

Chi-Hsung Teng - From Excel to Google Earth:An Alternative to Spatial Data Mapping and Analysis

Di Hu, Guonian Lv, Yongning Wen, Min Chen, Li He - Family Tree Geographical Information System

Hsiung-Ming Liao, Yao-Hsien Yeh, Chen-Jen Lee - ANGIS Data Portal and New 4D GIS Platform

15:40-16:00Coffee and Tea Break
16:00-18:00 Session E:History of Politics, Economics and Environment

Daxue Wang - The Temporal-Spatial Analysis of Benevolent Societies of Anhui Province during the Qing Dynasty

Claudia Zanardi - China's Approach towards its Southern Maritime Boundaries through the Lenses of History

Shin Kawashima, Chihyun Chang - What’s the Battle of Shanghai: New Trial to Research Sino-Japanese War by GIS

Ta-Chien Chan - Spatio-temporal Analysis of Rice Prices in the Qing Dynasty

18:00-21:00Reception Dinner
Sunday, December 6th




Keynote Speech 3:Prof. May Yuan

Spatial Narratives for Historical GIS

10:10-10:20Coffee and Tea Break
10:20-12:00 Session F:History of Transportation, Trade and Culture

Ichiro Kakizaki - Railway Freight Transport in Mainland Southeast Asia before World War II: the Analysis of Four Inland Railway Systems

Ryuto Shimada - A GIS-based Analysis of the Markets for Japanese Copper in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Michihiro Ogawa - Mapping the Development of the Land Revenue System under the Colonial Rule in the Nineteenth-Century Western India

Shohei Okubo - The Distribution and Consumption of Opium in Malay-Indonesian Archipelago, ca. 1670s-1740s.

12:00-12:30Roundtable Discussion / Closing Ceremony