Contact: Mark Elvin
Data: Josephine Fox
Project design, analysis, and programs: Mark Elvin
Website design and realization:
Tzai-Hung Wen
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This project owes debts of gratitude, some large, some small, but all of them important and appreciated, to numerous friends and colleagues. I am sure we have inadvertently forgotten to mention some of them, and for this we offer our apologies in advance. Eheu fugacesíK .

† Trevor Aston
† Professor William Brass
† Professor Eugene Grebenik
† Dr Irene Taeuber

Dr Patrice Bordelais
Dr Michael Bracher
Professor Jack Caldwell
Dr Michel Cartier
Sven Eigler
Dr Griffith Feeney
Professor Jim Fox
Dr Paul Griffiths
Michael James
Dr Andrea Janku
Dr Paul Katz
Dr Nanny Kim
Professor James Lee [Li Zhongqing]
Professor Ts'ui-jung Liu
Dorothy McIntosh
Professor Barbara Mittler
Dr Frédéric Obringer
Judith Pabian
Dr Gigi Santow
Dr Michael Shalless
Professor Hans Ulrich Vogel
Professor Rudolf Wagner
Professor Lihua Wang [Oliver Wang]
Doug Whaite
Professor Pierre-Étienne Will
Professor Arthur Wolf
Professor Robert Woods
Shui-yun Yim
Dr Basia Zaba
Professor Guogang Zhang
Dr Zhongwei Zhao
Dr Harriet Zurndorfer

The later stages of this project were financed by the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Cooperation and by the Australian Research Council, to both of whom we would like to express our gratitude. We should also like to thank Professor Liu Ts'ui-jung, Vice Chairperson of the Academic Advisory Committee of the Academia Sinica, and Professor Fan I-chun, Chairperson of the Center for Geographic Information Science of the Academia Sinica, for their generosity in arranging space for this website.

Last updated on 20th March, 2007.